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Employee Experience

Rumbold organizes many meetings and does so within various communities. That way, you’re immediately sitting down with the right peers. Various topics pass the review, of course.

What are we going to do this time?
Are you curious about how a good Employee Experience keeps your employees happy?

With the tight labor market, it is important to make sure you keep the people you have happy too.
Great Place to Work has extensive experience with companies and how to ensure a good and enjoyable workplace.

During this session, we will discover how through better HR engagement we ensure better employee engagement. We look for the superlative of engagement….
New information will be interspersed with inspiration. We will engage each other in conversation and, of course, we will end the day with a social drink and snack.

After being inspired by Anouk Minnes of Great Place to Work, we will engage – as with every Rumbold session – in conversation. Very useful to hear how other companies have set up their Employee Experience, what challenges they still have ahead of them or just what good experiences they have had.

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