The team at Rumbold

Organizing a session is not that difficult. But making sure it stays inspiring AND keeps everyone coming back is another challenge. Rumbold’s team provides the organization, communication, inspiration and facilitation around all sessions and the app. As a company, you are taken care of, and as a participant, you are always challenged to think a little further than you did. The Rumbold team works both in front of and behind the scenes to keep the calendars up to date and to ensure that the Rumbold sessions are well organized and enjoyable.

Gert-Jan van Vredendaal

Founder and Community Manager

Marian Ettema

Office Manager & more...

Dirk Ligtenberg

Community Manager | Compensation & Benefits

Marco Hoekstra

Community Manager | Interim HR & Digital HR & HR Shared Services

Brigitte Struijk

Netwerk Coördinator
Low-threshold way to share knowledge and spar with other peers
Content-rich topics for much-needed depth and a fantastic network with interesting HR professionals
Energy booster assured!
Great way to understand what peer groups in the industry are going through and a platform to share and exchange knowledge and best practice
Networking organization where learning from and with each other/inspiration together with other professionals in the field is key