Embracing the Journey: No return for DE&I

Expert Perspective
Friday 2 February 2024
08:15 - 08:55 hr CET

What is this meeting about?

In this 45-minute session, we will explore the challenges for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion ad Belonging (DEIB) within organizations. While many organizations have made significant progress in their DE&II initiatives, it is crucial to acknowledge that the work is ongoing and there is no turning back. During this session, Micheal Piker, acknowledged expert in this field, will address the importance of sustaining and advancing DEIB efforts and will explore strategies for overcoming challenges and maintaining momentum in the face of resistance.

In this interactive session, Michael will zoom in on:

  • How DEIB evolved over time and into a permanent role in company
  • That it will contribute to the bottom line
  • Creation of relevant analytic evidence/dashboards to drive outcome
  • DEIB being more than gender. It's also about embracing LGBTQIA+, Accessibility (ADHD, neurodiversity, etc.) and Multicultural
  • Why executive/board sponsorship/allyship is crucial company wide
  • How it's not just seen as another HR must do
  • How to build a DE&IB community of practice.

Participants will gain insights into the long-term benefits of DEI and the potential risks of stagnation. By the end of the session, participants will have a deeper understanding of how to embed DEI into the organization, and will be equipped with strategies to navigate the complexities and uncertainties that may arise along the journey.

Target audience

HRD responsible for and/or interested in DE&I